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Light up your Life with a Bonfire of Expression

Join the Ecstatic Pleasure Breakthrough Retreat Program 

Given the current state of the world this retreat program is not being held at this time.


Ecstatic Pleasure Breakthrough is a nine month long, four retreat program.  Each retreat delves into a different aspect of feminine expression and ecstasy.   The retreats are held on the three days that the moon is at her darkest in March, June, September and December. In between retreats there are group and individual calls with me. And opportunities to connect with fellow retreat participates in two to three person group calls or meetings. 

This retreat program is for women of any adult age who are searching for a more pleasurable life but just can't seem to find it. Maybe you have tried finding pleasure and love through your partner or spouse only to find that the euphoria has faded with time. Maybe you tried finding pleasure and love through raising your children or your career or both. Somewhere inside you know that it is possible to live a more fulfilling pleasurable life but all the things you have tried just have not worked.  

This program is unique in that it works with the feminine way to bring “new life” into the world, meaning both manifesting an inspiration into something physical and the bringing of more joy, ecstasy, play and orgasmic bliss into your life. This program focuses on the power found in embodying and expressing our emotions and desires.

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