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About Sharon

Passionate, Fiery, Evocative and still under construction

My name is Sharon Romines.  I am a “normal” lady who found a purpose that fueled my passion and played to my strengths.  My life has led me to carry many labels; daughter, wife, mother, student, teacher, mentor, victim, survivor, naturalist, zookeeper, vet tech, massage therapist, and yoga instructor to name a few.  These labels all represent a part of me and I am all those of things and more. I am at my best when I embrace my fierce love, speak openly and wear my red wild woman hair without care.

Thank you for reading this far. More coming!

  • WA State Licensed Massage Therapist #MA00019543

  • WA State Licensed in Large and Small Animal Massage

  • 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.

  • 210 hour Large and Small Animal Massage Certification

  • 1000 hour Massage Therapy Certification Program.

  • B.S. Degree from Texas Tech University.

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